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4AD Further Listening / Cocteau Twins (Bootlegs)

Cocteau Twins - Here are some decent to great live recordings (nothing too bad here) from different periods of the Cocteau Twins from 1983 - 1995. Enjoy!
Cocteau Twins - Live in Amsterdam
Recorded 01.29.1983

A solid sounding recording of the early Cocteau's. Probably one of the best I've heard from this early in their career. Live broadcast on FM Radio.

Track Listing:

1. Alas Dies Laughing
2. Dear Heart
3. Feather Oar Blades
4. Hazel
5. Shallwow Then Halo
6. Blind Dumb Deaf
7. Wax and Wane
8. It's All But An Ark Lark

Cocteau Twins - Live Les Baines Douches / Paris, France
Recorded 11.09.1983

Not the best recording, but it did air on French radio in 1983, so not horrible. Great to hear a live version of "When Mama Was Moth" and "Song to the Siren".

Track Listing:

1. When Mama Was Moth
2. Tinderbox
3. In Our Angelhood
4. From the Flagstones
5. My Love Paramour
6. Sugar Hiccup
7. Hitherto
8. Musette and Drums
9. Song to the Siren

Cocteau Twins - Live Rats Club / Oslo, Norway
Recorded 10.30.1984

Another fantastic radio performance at the Rats Club in Oslo. Definitely a great concert from one of their best periods. Hearing "The Spangle Maker" is unbelievable.

Track Listing:

1. The Spangle Maker
2. Millimillenary
3. Rococo
4. Pandora
5. Musette and Drums
6. From the Flagstones
7. Pearly Dewdrops' Drops

Cocteau Twins - Live at Kilburn Ballroom / London, UK
Recorded 11.18.1986

A decent recording from their 1986 Victorialand tour. Some great songs live.

Track Listing:

1. Lazy Calm
2. Hitherto
3. Sighs Smell of Farewells
4. My Love Paramour
5. Sea Swallow Me
6. Plain Tiger
7. Love's Easy Tears
8. Instrumental (unreleased)
9. Sugar Hiccup
10. Pearly Dewdrop Drops
11. Pink Orange
12. Aikea Guinea
13. Sugar Hiccup (Encore)

Cocteau Twins - Live at Ancienne Belgique / Brussels, Belgium
Recorded 10.06.1990

The recording quality is a little flat, but the beauty of their 1990 Heaven or Las Vegas tour definitely shines. I was at the concert when it hit Los Angeles and it's definitely a memorable show.

Track Listing:

1. Blue Bell Knolls
2. From The Flagstones
3. Crushed
4. Cherry Coloured Funk
5. Wolf in the Breast
6. Orange Appled
7. Mizake the Mizan
8. Iceblink Luck
9. My Love Paramour
10. Cico Buff
11. Road River and Rail
12. Aikea Guinea
13. Pink Orange Red
14. A Kissed Out Red Floatboat
15. Heaven or Las Vegas
16. Pink Orange Red

Cocteau Twins - Live at Black Sessions / Paris, France
Recorded 02.04.1994

A great FM broadcast of their 1994 tour. A nice collection of their entire discography (minus the Garlands period)

Track Listing:

1. Pur
2. Road River Rails
3. Bluebeard
4. Heaven or Las Vegas
5. Whales Tails
6. Carolyn's Fingers
7. Iceblink Luck
8. Summerhead
9. Ella Megalast Burls Forever
10. Blue Bell Knoll
11. Pink Orange Red
12. Aikea Guinea
13. Sugar Hiccup

Cocteau Twins - Live at Black Sessions / Paris France
Recorded 12.22.1995 (rebroadcast 2005)

The last Black Sessions from the Cocteaus presented one of their finest shows (and recordings). Not generally my favorite period of their career... the 1995 Black Session captured the essence of the "live sound" of the Cocteaus.

Track Listing:

1. Half-Gifts (not sure why it shows up as 23 minutes on playback)
2. Golden Vein
3. Rilkean Heart
4. Pandora
5. Serpent Skirt
6. Seekers Who Are Lovers
7. Carolyn's Fingers
8. Song to the Siren
9. Cherry Coloured Funk
10. B. Lenoir


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